Senior's Driving Under Prescription Drug Influence

New research shows that eight in ten senior citizens are taking prescription medications, and many of them are using five or more.
AAA is promoting a new program called Roadwise RX to help seniors understand how their medications affect their driving.
The current senior driving course offered in Bay County does not address the prescription drug issue.
"I do love to drive," said Pauline Dubreuil, a member at the senior center, she added that driving is part of their independence.
"It's very important. I come here to the senior center so much and I just love to do the games and play bridge and the different games we have here."
She saying she is smart about knowing her medications before she gets behind the wheel.
"I do know that my medication is changed quite often and I really do need to at least have one day, sometimes two days, depending on the medications that I take,” said Dubreuil. “And I check it out to be sure I’m ok and not dizzy."
Each month AARP offers a driving safety class at the Panama City Beach Senior Center.
"Many of our members take that opportunity to take that class and then receive a benefit on their insurance premiums if they successfully complete it," said Maggie Lillo, a volunteer at the senior center.
But the class does not cover the dangers of driving under the influence of prescription drugs.
Dubreuil says she believes most seniors should already know the affects of their medications and would stay smart when it comes to driving.
"If I couldn't drive it would really stop me from enjoying myself," she added.
The AARP is offering another driving safety class at 9:00 Thursday morning at the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

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