Sensors to be Installed on Highway 231 to Weigh Commercial Vehicles

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Marianna- Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Spokesman, Ian Satter described FDOT's latest project on Highway 231, South of the Florida/ Alabama state line, 'to function like a weigh station, except the actual road would be the scale.'

"There's two parts this" he continued, "there's the camera that will take the pictures so we can document which truck it is- which large commercial vehicle it is- and there will be sensors in the roadway. You wont even notice [the sensors] when you drive across them and those sensors can pick up the weight of the vehicle."

Commercial drivers like Michael Metts knew exactly what Satter was talking about. Metts showed us a device called "Pre-Pass" that he had installed in his truck.

When he drove over sensors, the information was sent to his "Pre-Pass." If the device blinked a green light, he was free to continue down the road. "Red light, that means pull in [to a weigh station]" Metts said.

Satter told us the sensor area would be patrolled by law enforcement around the clock. Metts warned other truckers not to test the system. "[Cops] run you down and you wish you had stopped" he said.

Overall, Metts said he liked the new weighing operation. "It saves you time not having to stop or slow down. It also saves on fuel from not having to stop and restart."

But Satter said, truck drivers wouldn't be the only ones reaping the benefits- taxpayers would too.

"The cost is about $345,000 for the entire project. And again, we're looking at saving money in the long run because you won't have to have staffed hours at a weigh station, upkeep of a weigh station- the construction of a weigh station. So, this is something we're looking at doing across Florida."

The project should be completed by December and only cause minimal traffic delays. FDOT officials said they would keep drivers informed on any altered traffic patterns.

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