Seven South Walton Businesses Fund Turtle Express Along 30A

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There's no doubt, while driving along 30A in Walton County, parking and congestion are huge issues, especially during the tourist season.

County Commissioners and TDC officials want more information and surveys before proposing possible solutions.

But some business owners are partnering with a shuttle company and are taking matters into their own hands.

Beginning Memorial Day weekend, the Turtle Express will begin a 100 day pilot program.

"We have a vision of changing the culture of 30A,” said John Finch, Owner of Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine.” Just educating people, how the program would work, what equipment we would use."

Sunshine Shuttle contacted 30A businesses to see if they were interested in funding the project.

Seven businesses decided to participate.

"From our standpoint, traffic is a problem,” said Chip Haring, of V Seagrove. “It gets worse and worse every year. From a safety perspective and business efficiency, there needs to be an answer."

Sunshine Shuttle and the businesses hope this trial run will at least be part of the answer.

"This is going to be a solution that requires many approaches, and the time of those approaches are not going to always be in perfect concert, but we need to start somewhere,” said Pam Avera, Seaside’s General Manager.

People can ride the Turtle Express for free.

But it will only stop at the seven businesses funding the project.