Several Businesses in Downtown Panama City get Makeover

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PANAMA CITY-- Co-owner of Elegant Endeavors, in Downtown Panama City, Debra Anderson is just one of 14 business owners getting help from the city.

"We have a third floor in here which was basically unusable because it had so many leaks in it," said Debra Anderson, Elegant Endeavors Co-Owner.

Last year, the Panama City community redevelopment area board promised Anderson $30,000.00 to fix up her business, which is a historical landmark.

And now she's finally starting to see the money at work.

The roof was leaking and causing damage to antique items stored on the third floor of the store.

"This building was built in 60 and roof had been repaired over that time but I don't think it had actually been replaced. So it was great for us," said Anderson.

The CRA was given over $100,000.00 for downtown renovation projects.

"I think the business community is stronger because the areas looking better," said William Whitson, CRA Director.

CRA director William Whitson says it's important to save these historic buildings.

"It's one victory at a time, one small triumph at a time and that's how are trying to keep the ball rolling," said Whitson.

"It's made a huge difference and it's made it possible for us to stay in Downtown Panama City, which is where we want to be and where we love being," said Anderson.

CRA officials say they are still working on about seven projects that will improve downtown.

All the projects will be completed by the end of August.