Several Inland Counties Included in BP Oil Spill Law Suit

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Marianna- Friday was the deadline for government agencies to file a claim with BP for the 2010 oil spill. A number of communities have been trying to get settlements, even though they were seemingly unaffected by the spill. But local officials said that was not the case- claiming they lost more than many might imagine.

Jackson County officials told us they felt BP owed them $3.5 Million in damages.

"Even though we are an inland county, we're not on the coast, we did have losses- revenue losses" said Jackson County Administrator, Ted Lakey.

The city of Bristol in Liberty County and the Calhoun County School Board were also looking for a settlement. Agencies have claimed to have lost money off of the traffic that would have been driving to the beaches.

"[Highway] 231 is one of the major through fairs from Alabama and it runs directly into Panama City" Lakey explained. "We actually have a welcome center in [Jackson] county so we do get a lot of the travel to the beaches from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee. So when that traffic count diminished, it had an impact on us also."

But Lakey told us that wasn't the only reason the government entities lost revenue.

"During this time period, our finance department quantified these figures and did some studies. And those were the figures we submitted to the attorneys to file this suit. We have losses in tourism development funds, sales tax money, communication services. So there are a number of funding sources that suffered a loss during this time."

Jackson and Calhoun County along with the city of Bristol were all being represented by the Levin firm out of Pensacola.

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