Sewage Overflow at Panama City Beach Condo

Residents of a Panama City Beach condo finally catch a break Monday morning from a messy scene piling up at the resort.

Security officers with Regency Towers on Thomas Drive say the water has been turned back-on after being shut-off for several hours.

A sewer force main broke on the property.

"They have a pump station that sends the waste water to the city's line on Thomas Dr. The line broke and they did have some sewage spill onto the ground," said Al Shortt, Panama City Beach engineer and utilities director.

Property managers and city utility officials worked on the problem for several hours.

"The city came out there to help them shut the main off at the city side," said Shortt. "We had some difficulty locating the valve because it had been paved over during a resurfacing project."

Regency Towers had a contractor put in a new valve and everything is now back in order.

Management at the Regency turned off water at the resort around 4:30 Sunday afternoon as trucks filed-in to help pump out the sewage.

Residents then went without water until 1:30 Monday morning.

"The past week we had no water three times and today they cut the water off supposedly for 30 minutes and its still not on and its pumping out into the parking lot we can see it pumping out into the manholes its going right into the beach and there's nothing been done about it except they're trying to pump the sewage out," said Josh Fowler.

"We shouldn't have to handle this it should be handled and there should be updates from the regency board over there to know whats going on and how long its gonna be. We've gotten nothing," said Jackie Azar.

Regency management declined to comment.