Sex Offenders Under Close Watch on Halloween

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Local law enforcement is keeping a close eye on sexual predators this Halloween.

About two dozen Bay County Sheriff's Deputies will be going to the homes of all of the local registered sex offenders and sexual predators Halloween night.

They will be checking for parole and probation violations.

As part of their release conditions, registered offenders are prohibited from a number of activities associated with Halloween and any other holiday that involves children.

For instance, they're not allowed to put up Halloween decorations, or do anything to invite kids to their doors.

Tommy Ford with the Bay County Sheriff's Department said, "They (sexual predators) should turn their lights off. The same thing that you would do if you didn't want trick-or-treaters coming to your house. You would not be giving out candy, not answering your door, turning off the lights, making it clear that they are not open for business for trick-or-treating that night."

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