Sex Offenders in Walton County

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Many investigators say is an extremely difficult job. For Mindy Shelton, it's about keeping the community safe. For more than a year, she spent each day making sure the county's registered sex offenders followed the law.

"The Sheriff’s Office works very diligently in keeping track of the sex offenders we respond once a month to the offender's address to verify that they are living where they say they are living,” said Shelton.

The Sheriff’s Office is the primary gatekeeper for predators and offenders.

“Once a sex offender is released from prison or sentenced as a sex offender they have to report to the sheriff's office within 48 hours to establish their residents and give us any places they live, where they work, and what they drive. After we do that we then send the community flyers and emails,” stated Shelton.

Sheriff’s officials aren't the only ones keeping an eye on the predators and offenders, they are required to have a state issued ID’s.

“After they have registered with the Sheriff's Department they are issued a registration form which indicates what we will put on their record, whether it is an offender, predator or career offender,” said James Hallford, of the Walton County Tax Collectors Office.

Aside from the initial contact, Hallford says he and his staff don't have too many dealings with offenders.

“We generally don't have the issues because our service is to put the statue and address on their id and the only issue we would have is if they were not register compliant."

It is just one more step in the process of keeping the community safe.

To receive sex offender alerts for your area, just click here to link onto the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website.