Lynn Haven Residents at Odds with City About Sheffield Park Proposals

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Lynn Haven- Lynn Haven resident Amanda Podezwa visited Sheffield Park for the first time Monday and said she'd like to see the city make some changes.

"So you like these ideas?" asked NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

"It sounds great," answered Podeszwa.

But she may be in the minoirty who favor Lynn Haven city officials' proposed changes to the park. The majority of residents who showed up to the second town hall meeting on the project Monday didn't see eye to eye with the city.

"I think you all need to go over this and change a lot of it," said one resident.

Residents aren't necessarily against all of the improvements themselve, but they are worried about seeing too many trees taken down.

"Just our environment and everything. We just hate to see more trees go than already have gone," said Lynn Haven resident Elizabeth Marshall.

"With all this clutter in there, you're not going to be able to do anything except jump from one concrete spot to another," another resident told city officials at the meeting.

Not to mention the $1.4 million price tag.

"How do you feel about more than a million dollars to make these changes?" asked Anderson.

"Ahh, that's pretty steep. This one item is not going to change the economy," said Lynn Haven resident Billy Joe Nunn.

"We have streets that are horrible to drive on. We have many many many (other) needs," another resident told the city.

Most residents agree on some necessary improvements, like new drainage, but some said they felt like the commission, at least on this project, is out of touch with the community.

"You ask us to work with you, give you ideas. We do , but we think we're just patted on the head and told to come back again," a resident told city officials.

No action has been taken by the city commission yet, but project officials said they could break ground as soon as January.

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