Sheriff McKeithen Continues to Lead The War on Synthetic Drugs

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen is preparing for another crackdown on businesses that sell synthetic drugs.

Mckeithen was in Tallahassee Tuesday when Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi filed an emergency rule adding 22 new synthetic drugs or ingredients to the state's banned list.

They include variations of "Bath Salts," "K2" and "Spice."

Bondi said new synthetics labeled as Incense were targeting children.

Mckeithen says he'll be contacting store owners, who may have the product on their shelves, not realizing they're now illegal, and give them a few days grace period to get them off the shelves.
"Legitimate businesses I believe will come forward and either get rid of the stuff take it off the shelf - quit selling it. Non legitimate businesses won't and we're coming after ya."

It was McKeithen who first brought the synthetic drug issue to Bondi's attention 2-years ago following an expose’ story on NewsChannel 7.

Bondi says she'll work with the next session of the state legislature to make the emergency ban permanent on these 2--new ingredients, which now total more than 120.

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