Shoo Fly, Stop Bothering Me!

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The Yellow fly season should soon be slowing down. Thank goodness!

Everyone is talking about them.

Eavesdrop in on the table next to you at dinner tonight and you are likely to hear something like this.

"People have to go to the hospital, get an anti inflammatory, we've had lots of problems, they're very painful."
"Yeah, I try not to go to the beach when they're out. They hurt!"

They are talking about Yellow flies.

Some residents have even resorted to hanging Yellow Fly Traps in their yards to try and control the problem.

"It's hanging in my backyard, everyday I go check it, I've got one fly stuck to the ball,” said Robin Beans. “The flies are still attacking me every time I go outside, but not the ball!"

Most of us confuse the Yellow fly with the Dog fly.

"The main difference is the color and bite,” said James Clauson, the director of Beach Mosquito Control District. “Yellow flies are very painful. Dog flies aren't as bad."

Yellow flies arrive around mid-May, and there is good news for all of us who cannot stop swatting at the pests. Relief.

"We're getting to that time where they're on their down swing," said Clauson.

But come September, the Dog flies will be coming in with the cold fronts from the north.

"I'm hoping we don't get a lot, but if we do, we're prepared to deal with them,” said Brad Gunn, the pilot for Beach Mosquito Control District. “We modified the aircraft spray system to help control the Dog flies."

Officials are predicting a mild year for both mosquitoes and Dog flies since the summer season has been so dry.