Shotgun-Toting Man Threatens County Road Crew

FORT WALTON BEACH- An Okaloosa County road crew trimming trees in front of a Fort Walton
Beach home found themselves confronted by an angry homeowner who wanted them off his property.

An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy was called to 400 Marlowe Drive shortly before 3:30 Monday afternoon for an armed disturbance in progress.

Deputies say 59-year old Michael Howard Flora yelled at the crew to get off his property or he would go get his shotgun. Flora then went inside, grabbed a shotgun, and returned to the front yard, pumping it once to put a round in the chamber. He then put the weapon on his shoulder pointed in the air and walked towards the crew before moving into bushes in the side yard.

Flora was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon without intent to kill

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