Should Hobby Lobby be Forced to Provide Contraceptive Insurance to Employees?

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NewsChannel 7 met shopper Joyce Williams Thursday in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby off 23rd Street. Like many avid supporters of the nationwide chain, she found herself on the defense.

"One of the best craft stores I've ever been in and I'll do everything I can to help them," Williams told NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

The controversy surrounds Hobby Lobby's decision to refuse providing certain contraceptive insurance to its employees required by the federal Healthcare Reform Act. The Green family, who owns the chain, said the morning and week after pills are abortion-inducing and violate their religious beliefs. They sued the federal government in September but ultimately lost a last-minute appeal to the Supereme Court. And as we saw with Chik Fil A's religious stance on gay marriage, again the debate is divided.

"Are they going to pay for the children that are conceived because they're not allowing them to have contraceptive?" questioned Hobby Lobby shopper Susan Gasser.

"It's a sad thing especially for private businesses," said Eric Graef, weighing in on the other side of the argument.

Also like Chik Fil A, the issue has made its way to the internet. The Facebook page "Stand by Hobby Lobby," has close to 20,000 followers promising to shop Saturday to show their support.

"I think we have an obligation to disobey civil auhtority when they require us to do something God forbids," Graef said.

But they may not need the added help. According to Forbes Magazine, the chain boasted $2.28 billion in revenue in 2011. And even under the maximum $1.3 million a day fine until the chain conforms, it would only add up to a fraction of that number.

Regardless many people like Williams said they stand by the store and plan to break out their wallets Saturday.

"What can I say? It's wrong. The government is just making them do things they don't believe in," Williams said.

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