Shriners Recreational Vehicle Project Moving Forward

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Panama City- At today's Panama City Commission meeting, the board approved a motion to explore the conditional use for the Shriners property on 19th street.

They will get together with the club and discuss the project.

They have five parcels of land and they will turn a section for RV parking.

Shriners provides medical help for about 250 children in bay and surrounding counties.

Since 1922, the Shriners have helped one million children with medical needs get the care they need free of charge.

About a month ago, the Shriners contacted Panama City Commissioner Billy Rader about the idea.

"You know there seems to be a fad. A lot of people when they retire. They buy these really nice RV's and they travel. All kinds of people that are up on the parish at the Shriners travel. And they travel in their RV's and they like to be close to were the conventions are located," said Billy Rader, Panama City Commissioner. "Much like a church would do that will allow RV parking. The Shriners would be responsible for paying their own impact fee, for water and sewer."

The shiners support a network of 22 pediatric hospitals the panhandle.

Organizers say it costs over a million dollars a day to run each hospital.