Sidney Good Out of the Hospital

INDIANAPOLIS - Both of the teenage girls critically injured in that parasailing accident are now out of the hospital and undergoing rehab at the same facility.

Sidney Good was released from Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis today and transferred to the same rehab facility as her best friend, Alexis Fairchild.

Sidney and Alexis were parasailing in Panama City Beach on July 1st when their tow rope broke free from the boat. Wind blew them into a condo building, power lines and several cars.

Alexis was released from Bay Medical Center on July 11. She is now undergoing treatment at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana.

Sidney was transferred to Methodist three days later, where doctors performed surgery on the fractures in her face.

The Coast Guard, NTSB and Florida Fish and Wildlife are investigating the accident. last week, the Coast Guard said bad weather and the boat's close proximity to shore, just300', both played a role.