Sinkhole Swallows SUV

PANAMA CITY BEACH - Blame it on the rain. More than three feet of rain in Panama City Beach since July is to blame for a parking lot collapse on Middle Beach Road.

A client of Indulgence Salon and Spa arrived around 8:00 a.m. Wednesday for a hair appointment. But she soon had a sinking feeling. The parking space where she parked her SUV collapsed underneath her.

"I thought she had a flat tire," said Lindsey Elmore with Indulgence Salon an Spa. "Then I thought she ran into the bushes. Then I realized that she jumped out of her car and it had fallen into a sinkhole."

The hole appears to be four to five feet deep.

"There was a failure in the storm drain during all the recent heavy rainfall," said Panama City Beach Public Works Director Paul Casto.

Casto says the nearby drain sucked all the sand from underneath the parking lot which then collapse under the weight of the SUV.

The owners of the property are working with their insurance agency to repair the parking lot. The Department of Transportation will repair the sidewalk and drain issue.