Skating To Make A Difference

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One teenager is using a hobby to make a difference in his hometown.

17 year old Joseph Watwood traveled close to 300 miles on skateboard from Macon, Georgia to Panama City, Florida and his act of charity will benefit hundreds of children.

While skateboarding is hobby for most, Watwood saw an opportunity to use his newfound passion to help others.

"We got people to pledge per mile and some people along the way donated money and we've raised about $3,000 for the organization," Watwood said.

The organization, Childers' Children, provides terminally ill children with teddy bears, blankets, fans and anything else needed to make their hospital more comfortable.

Watwood started his 6 day journey around 9 am and stopped skating around 5 pm each day, but the trip wasn't without it's problems, of course.

"It was really rough, we had a couple of days where it rained for the first half of the day and that was bad it rusted out my bearings."

His friend, Michael Money, accompanied him on the trip, driving behind him to ensure he made his way safely, also caught his share of flack for their trip.

"Apparently people don't like skateboarders on highways," he said laughing. "They got pretty mad and wouldn't pass and we got the cops called on us 5 times."

All in all, Watwood says the trip was worth it and also prepares him for a future plan.

"I love skating, I needed to do some practice I'm planning on trying to skateboard across America this summer and figured this would be a good trial run."

If you're interested in donating to the organization, go to http://www.randomkid.ord and search for "Childers' Children'