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Ever wonder how that wish list you make every year gets to Santa or whether or not he'll get it time for Christmas? Well thanks to the Sandestin golf and beach resort telling the big man upstairs, at the north pole that is, can be done right from where you're sitting thanks to Skype.

"The Sandestin Skype program started because we wanted to touch and positively impact children from around the world” said Laurie Hobbs.

Speaking of Kris Kringle, when the program started two years ago he was little nervous no one would want to speak with him.

"The day that we launched it we didn't have any calls and i went home and i got a call and next thing i know we're flooded with calls. Well we forgot to mention that we were from four to five central time" said Santa.

You heard him right, from four p-m to five p-m(central time of course)you can actually speak to Santa Claus. Skyping with Santa has become such a big tradition for the Sandestin resort that children and their parents are setting up their web cams every night to meet the big man in red. However it isn't just kids in America who want to give Santa their wish list.

"Well last year the majority was Europe. A lot of calls from England, Ireland, a few French, we had some Scandinavian countries Finland, Sweden” said Santa.

Santa says being able to touch the lives of so many people around the world at the click of a button makes his job that much more gratifying.
"Well the biggest benefit is knowing that, that I’m an outlet. That someone might be having a bad time or a bad spot in their life and they're reaching out to me to bring a glimpse of joy and that's what i can offer" said Santa.
The free Santa Skype program takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 4-to-5 pm central time.
The Skype location name is "sandestinresort".

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