Snapper Season a Success So Far

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Marina staff members across the Emerald Coast have seen an impressive opening week of snapper season.

For many fishermen across the Gulf Coast, red snapper season is almost better than Christmas, and this year it's no contest.

Despite bad weather, marinas have seen a big economic boost just in one week.

Marinas have seen higher numbers of recreational boat traffic than years past, as well as higher gas sales.

Marina officials also say that many tourists flock to the Gulf Coast specifically for snapper season.

"I know that the charter fleets boats on our side of the bridge and the other side of the bridge make their money during snapper season." Said Bill Lloyd of the Panama City Marina.

Tommy Barefield, a dock master for the Bay Point Marina agrees.

"Red snapper is a really good fish to eat, and there's just been more people going out for them. It's one of those things, like you wait until Christmas to open those presents, and hey first day of snapper season, let's go!"

Marina staff says that such a successful opening week shows there are larger amounts of snapper in the water than years past, and hope that wildlife officials will take notice in deciding future snapper season limits.

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