"Snow Days" Tough on Parents

All schools were closed for at least 2 days, and many businesses closed because road conditions kept workers from making it to work.

All that down time had an effect on the economy.

Every single school district in our area closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Okaloosa and Walton also closed on Tuesday.

"This is a very difficult decision because it effects and impacts so many other businesses," said Bill Husfelt, Bay Co. School Superintendent

Businesses also shut down because workers and customers were unable to travel the icy roads.

For some, it was an unexpected paid holiday, but others are loosing money.

Vonnie Jackson, a Teacher's Aide and Mother said, "I don't get paid unless I work."

Bob English works at Tyndall AFB.

He said, "I thought about the other folks at the base working the restaurants and they lose pay. It's not a good thing."

Thousands of residents, just like Jackson, ended up losing pay for Wednesday and Thursday.

Heather O'Toole, Teacher and Mother said, "Luckily I have a savings that I dip into every once in a while when I need to."

The situation has been tougher for parents, forced to make other arrangements for childcare.

Superintendent Husfelt said, "Parents don't have somewhere for their children to go in the morning than they can't go to work and so we know the impact this has and so we are very careful when we make this decision."

Others just made the most of the extra time with their kids.
Dozens of families went to Rock It Lanes and Wonder World Thursday.

Even though they enjoyed the "ice days," kids and parents say they're ready to get back to a normal routine.

All schools in our in viewing area will open Friday.