Snowbirds Give Locals Tips for Winter Driving

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PANAMA CITY BEACH -- Our visitors from the north usually come here to escape frigid winters but this year, they're getting a feeling of home.

Some our snowbirds offer some wintry weather driving tips.

Betty Charleston and her husband Bud are from Park Falls, Wisconsin. The couple comes to Panama City Beach each year for the winter with their dog. They say around this time of year, it's no surprise to see temperatures in Wisconsin drop below zero.

"They would love to have this forty degree weather,” Charleston said.

Snowbirds come down to Panama City Beach to escape the cold but with the dropping temperatures most tourists are staying indoors.

Even though they are used to cold temperatures many of our northern visitors are opting to enjoy some of the local indoor activities being offered.

They understand that locals aren't used to driving in icy conditions like we could get during this storm…so they're offering a little advice.

Indianapolis Native, Joe Egenolf said, "On the ice you have to be very careful because you will hit spots of black ice and regular ice and you never know and you just lose control of the car."

Indiana Native Don Turich said, "If there's slick roads you just slow down. And don't pretend like you can speed you can’t. Don't even do the speed limit just go slower."

But that's only if you have to venture outdoors. If you do find yourself having to drive in dangerous weather, our winter guests say slow down.

Charleston said, "Very scary so you take your time and don't follow too close."

If you know there is ice on the road experts say you can never go wrong by staying indoors.