Some Already Preparing for Christmas

Johnathon Garza spent his summer working at the beach Walmart.

"Their summer season ended so after that, i just started free-lancing, trying to get different jobs," said Garza.

That search led him to the workforce center, where he is hopeful to find something soon, "Yeah, i need something this week," exclaimed Garza.

Forecasters project seasonal hirings will be down from 750,000 last year to 70,000 employees this holiday season.

To claim one of the approximately 400 area holiday jobs, job coaches say start now.

"Well the best time to really start looking is now in September. But you need to get really aggressive about it in October. That is when we see the majority of the job openings come here at the workforce center," said Maria Goodwin of the Workforce Center.

Americans are projected to spend 4 to 5 % more this holiday season.

A couple of jewelry stores in pier park are both adding additional employees, hoping to cash in on consumer spending.

"We actually already hired a couple of people because the preparation of the season started months ago in our business so we have already hired people to help us this season. We will be looking for add a couple more in the months that come," said Jarome Gray of Reed's Jewelers.