Some Bay County Neighborhoods Experience Flooding

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When it rains, it pours. To tow truck drivers that's not just a saying, it's a matter of business.

"Saturday's not usually a busy day, but this past Saturday, I had 14 calls," said Matt Taylor from Taylor's Towing Inc in Panama City.

Taylor says standing water on the roadways is sometimes a major contributor to increased service calls.

"If you can't tell how deep it is, don't drive in it," Taylor advises.

Some of his calls Monday came from Lynn Haven, where ditches were full and playgrounds looked like water-parks.

"There's a retention pond in there. I just can't tell where it stops and the asphalt begins," Taylor mentions about an area in Lynn Haven.

Most homes avoided flooding. Others weren't so lucky.

One neighborhood on Rhode Island Avenue in Lynn Haven saw heavy rainwater building up on parts of the road.

"When it's rained like this for multiple days, there's no where for it to go. Everything's saturated," said resident Paul Harris.

"I had to wait to leave to take care of business because I couldn't get out of my driveway because the water was a foot and a half to two feet high," said Ron Ausec.

Bay County officials have only closed two roadways: the bridge at end of Lee Road on South Bear Creek, and about a quarter mile of Westville Road west of Highway 231.