Sonar Spots Great White Shark off of Panhandle

GULF COUNTY-- Katharine the great white shark is still hanging around in the Gulf, right off the Panhandle coastline.

After staying submerged for more than two days, Katharine surfaced twice today, once around 2:30 this afternoon and again about two hours later.

As you can see, she's tracking east.

Right now she's about 50-miles to the south, and slightly west of Port St. Joe.

Katharine is a 14-foot, 2,300 pound great white who's described as a juvenile.

Researchers from a group call Ocearch caught and tagged Katharine last August off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The tag is a sonar device that pings her location to a satellite every time she breaks to the surface of the water.

Katharine has apparently made her way down the Gulf Stream and into the Gulf, feeding on schools of fish.

The NOAA just released a new study showing that, after decades of decline, the great white shark population is surging off the New England coast.

Scientists attribute the growth to conservation efforts and the greater availability of food.

Back to Katharine. Experts say she's most likely heading to Texas, and you got to figure local tourism officials hope she goes soon.

Imagine a great white shark showing up at a resort town on the 4th of July.

Can you say "Jaws"?