South Walton Area Creates New Board Game

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“I think it’s really cool to be on a board game something you’ve played your whole life” said V Seagrove Executive Chef David Cunningham.

“I thought it was a great idea. I love original ideas and this was something original and definitely outside the box” Yolo Board Sports Owner Tom Losee.

For the past three months, retailers along the 30-A corridor have been signing up to be a part of a board game that showcases the historic stretch of road.

“30a-opoly is a coastal property trading game that features seventy-five local 30A businesses where you get to play different pieces of the game and live the 30A experience through a board game” said co-creator Michelle Uhlfelder.

The game will raise money for the Tree House Episcopal Montessori School.

“I thought it was genius. I’m a former school teacher and so I know that it can be difficult to try and raise money for schools” said Little Red Owner Tara Casas.

“It seemed like a really good cause. I actually live right down the street from the school and love to support education especially here in the local community” said Cunningham.

“It’s all about being a part of a community here on 30a and supporting our local whether it’s a business or causes and particularly education is a great cause” said Losee.

Elements of the area and the Emerald Coast are included in the game and while it hasn’t hit store shelves just yet, people are already sold on the idea.

“We sold one last night but I haven’t done the final count but I think we were at nineteen which brings us up to twenty and we don’t have the product in store yet so we have sold them all off the name and the idea and the fact that it’s a good cause to support the school” said Casas.

Pre-selling one thousand copies, the property trading game is already a huge hit. And what people will take away from the game is more than support for education.

“The biggest benefit of 30A-opoly is that it elevates our area as 30A. It brands it as this is our favorite strip here in the Emerald Coast and all of the retailers have come together the sponsors to make that possible with this board game. It wouldn’t be possible without the community” said Uhlfelder.

The board game will officially go on sale next Wednesday at any of the stores in tonight’s story.
You can also go online to 30a-opoly dot com to pick up a copy as well.

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