South Walton Lifeguards Start First Shift

WALTON COUNTY -- The South Walton Fire District lifeguards are on their first shift of the season today.

The fire department has spent three weeks preparing for this year's spring break season. During training, they spent the first half of the day in a classroom learning about being a lifeguard and the different emergency situations they could face.

The second half of the day is spent on the beach practicing exercises. Saturday morning, the guards went to their post for the first time this season.

"Men and women in our country have serve in our United States Military, who have serve as fire fighters, who serve in the sheriff’s department, who serve as lifeguards. They have to have a heart for service. And that's what it's all about,” said Senior Trainer William Rieger.

The lifeguards will now be on shift every day from ten in the morning to six at night. The season will end in October.