South Walton Parents are Upset over Delay of Proposed Sports Complex

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WALTON COUNTY-- Parents say the counties only lit recreational facility field is covered with dirt and worn out.

County Commissioners are considering plans for a new sports complex in South Walton.

They're looking at four possible locations.

But Tuesday they decided to table the plans to allow the County Administrator to determine which site will be best suited for the project.

The delay has outraged some parents.

"Just before Commissioner Imfeld tabled the sports talk on the sports complex--the person got up from the health department and said 45 percent of people have chronic illnesses and obesity,” said Ron Romano, a South Walton parent. “Yet, they turned it down building a sports complex for kids to go out and work out.

South Walton parents and coaches say they pay 90 percent of the county's taxes, but don't get anything in return.

"There is no infrastructure south of the bay,” said Romano. “They are taking the money and going to Mossy Head and putting in truck stops. We don't see anything down here."

Parents say the county needs to build more recreational facilities to not only meet current needs, but the needs of a growing population.

"Rather than saying we have to go to this field, or get this field from someone it will make people happier, and make kids more active,” said Dylan Sturdivant, a student who uses the field for soccer.

"The community does all it can, we put what money we can into the fields, but we need help from the county,” stated Wesley Shelton, Vice President of the South Walton Youth Baseball Association. “We need more fields, bigger facilities, more parking, and infrastructure. We just aren't getting it, and we aren't getting a lot of input back from the county."

County officials have not even decided how they’ll pay for the new sports complex, or what kind of fields they'll build.