South Walton Parking

WALTON COUNTY- South Walton County residents are speaking up once again about major parking issues along its scenic highways.

Earlier this year, the Walton County Tourist Development Council hired a company called AVCON to complete a parking survey.

AVCON presented the survey to commissioners and residents last month.

After 30 days of public comment, AVCON has scheduled 3 meetings to discuss certain areas needing parking assistance.

That first meeting took place focusing on the area from scenic Gulf Drive to County Road 83.

"Part of our summary in our overall assessment will be to recommend a beach access shuttle. Providing the shuttle for beach-goers to the regional beach accesses, because a lot of the other beach accesses can't fit shuttle buses," said Tonia Nation, AVCON Development Management

Residents are concerned that parking lots will tarnish the beautiful scenery.

Tonight at ten you'll hear some public comments.