South Walton Participates In Community Clean Up

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South Walton residents got the chance Friday, to early start on their spring cleaning. Walton county commissioner Sara Comander came-up with a three day community clean up event to help those who may not be able to make the trip north to the county's only landfill.

"With the landfill being so far away, that we needed to provide some sort of service to the citizens here to be able to dump their trash and this is a good way to do it" said Walton County Public Information Manager Louis Svehla.

Residents are able to discard all types of trash.

"We get ice makers, pallets, furniture. Just all kinds of things that people need to get rid of out of their yards" said Walton County Landfill Coordinator Mark Simmons.

The clean-up crews then sort through the all the items.

"We process a lot of the stuff that comes in and try to recycle as much as we possibly can" said Simmons.

The rest goes to the dump and is a benefit to both residents and the county.

"It gives them the ability to empty things out of their houses in a location that convenient for them. It's a good way for us to help beautify the south end of the county" said Svehla.

The community clean-up event continues Saturday and Sunday at Legion Park, 8:00 a-m until 2:30 p-m.