South Walton Residents Voice Spring Break Concerns

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Littering, underage drinking, traffic and parking congestion. South Walton county residents have seen it all before during spring break but they don't want to see it again this year.

"The main concern is the number of students, kids, college age renters that come into our neighborhood, pack houses with forty fifty, sixty kids" said South Walton Resident Linda Hodges.

"Between the noise and the trash in our neighborhood and just the parking. It's just they park everywhere" said South Walton Resident Denise Lade.

County commissioners say they're all too familiar with the issues.

"We're having a lot of trouble with youngsters coming, of course too young to have alcohol and they seem to be getting it from somewhere. A lot of rowdiness" said Walton County Commissioner Sara Comander.

"Everywhere it's parking. You know people parking especially during the height of the season you know you have people parking all over the place basically" said Walton County Commissioner Cindy Meadows.

Everyone agrees that, as tourism grows, so do the management issues. Both Comander and Meadows say they want to try and find a solution to residential concerns.

"This season is going to be even bigger than last year and we're all trying to grapple with how do we handle it how do we manage it" said Meadows.

"We serve the constituents of this county and anytime I can listen to what they have to say, can't always solve the problem. We might be able to try and do part of it" said Comander.

Commissioners are currently working with law enforcement to increase its presence over the coming weeks.