South Walton Residents Volunteer For Beach Watch

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South Walton residents are being encouraged to help keep their beaches safe this tourist season.

“We need that extra set of eyes and ears out there also to help us out. You know we can't be everywhere all at once" said Walton County Sheriff Detective Wendy Ammons.

The sheriff's office is looking for volunteers to make sure tourists follow the rules.

"They can go out on their own time. As little as they want to or as much as they want to. Walk around the beaches and see if they see any crime going on” said Lieutenant Danny Garner.

The main job of volunteers will be to observe and report.

"We don't want them actually being hands on, or physical or any confrontational situations with them” said Ammons.

“What I hope to do out of this is to meet and greet as many of the young spring breakers that are here and encourage them to have a safe and fun vacation as possible" said Volunteer Frank Day.

"For us the biggest benefit is that we are engaging our community and bringing them in and showing that we can't do it ourselves” said Ammons.

After the orientation meeting deputies will begin training volunteers and hope to have them on the beach as soon as possible.