South Walton School Creates New Way to Fundraise

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For members of the TreeHouse Episcopal Montessori School coming up with a creative way to fundraise wasn't easy.

"It's always a challenge. Every year we have fundraising committees, parents and church members that get together and try to figure ways to be creative and fun" said TreeHouse Founding Director Maureen Pain.

The committee developed a game, using real Walton County locales, to create a successful board game. It became fundraising success, not only for the school, but for community businesses.

"This year the board game 30-A-opoly has been the best idea. The community has loved it. We enjoyed putting it together" said Pain.

Fundraising chair for the school Michelle Uhlfelder says everyone was happy to break the mold of normal fundraising.

"As fundraising chair of the school I’m charged with raising a certain amount of money to cover our operating budget from our bake sale efforts. From our fundraising with our flower bulbs" said Uhlfelder.

Uhlfelder says now they want to encourage every school to create an out of the box way to raise money.

"If anything I’ve learned from being fundraising chair is that it takes that one creative idea to really propel the school into a great direction with a fundraising project" said Uhlfelder.

Parents of the TreeHouse Episcopal Montessori School attribute their innovative thinking to seaside neighborhood school, which puts on an annual half marathon fundraiser.