South Walton Sports Complex Approved

WALTON COUNTY-- If Walton County commissioners had any doubts about who would benefit from a new sports complex, all they had to do was look around the meeting room Tuesday evening. Parents brought their kids, all dressed in their athletic uniforms.

It didn't take long for the commissioners to make the crowd happy, approving the plans for the complex.

Prior to the meeting, County Administrator Larry Jones had already provided commissioners with a cost and suitability analysis, and a ranking of the four possible locations.

They followed Jones' recommendations to buy the property on the east side of the county for the sports complex, lease property in Miramar Beach for green space, and make improvements to Helen McCall Park.

"First motion we would ask is that you find that this property--- acquiring this property is in the best interest of Walton County and it provides for a good purpose and direct staff to begin the process of the ordinance," Jones said.

Commissioners also followed Jones' recommendation to pay for the projects by extending the county's capital projects line of credit another $10 million.

Commissioner Cindy Meadows, who's been the primary advocate for this project, said she's happy with the outcome.

"The total package is going to be a great asset to all residents of Walton County," Meadows said.

The county can now request proposals for designing and building the new sports complex.