South Walton Sports Complex Update

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SOUTH WALTON Walton County Commissioners are moving ahead with their plans for a new sports complex in South Walton.

In May, they voted to buy property on the east side of the county for the sports complex, lease property in Miramar Beach for green space, and make improvements to Helen McCall Park.

Since then County Administrator Larry Jones has gotten two appraisals for the east side property.

One company appraised the site at $920,000, the other for a little more than $1.3 million.

"We recommend that you allow staff to meet with the owner Mr. Davis, or one of his representatives, to convey these appraised values and we can begin the negotiations to determine if the property is attainable, within what we think would be an acceptable price range, and we bring that back to you,” said County Administrator Larry Jones.

Commissioners instructed Jones to move forward with negotiations.