South Walton Tourism On The Rise

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2012 has been a year of growth and restoration is the return of visitors to the south Walton area.

“Of course in Walton County tourism is the economy and there really isn’t even a close second. So whether your directly involved in tourism in this county or not almost every citizen essentially benefits some way or another” said TDC Communications Director Jon Ervin.

South Walton TDC Communications Director Jon Ervin says one of the contributing factors is an increase in revenue from year to year.

"Bed tax collections which are a direct indication of tourist renting and visiting were up twenty-two percent for our last measurement for two thousand and twelve” said Ervin.

It looks like the trend will continue in the New Year.

“I’m very excited about 2013. We’re expecting a ten percent increase in room revenue. About a six to seven percent increase in other areas of our business from a revenue perspective” said SanDestin General Manager Mark Hodgdon.

SoWal, a name given by residents to that part of the coast, has also been an ideal vacation destination for returning visitors and even new ones.

“To visit here and to live here, just unmatched and we continue to be of high interest and high demand for leisure travelers and groups” said Hodgdon.

Mark Hodgdon with Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort says this year was one of their bets on record.

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