Southerland Speaks at Rally, Receives Endorsement

U.S. Representative Steve Southerland was in town Sunday afternoon to speak at a Gun Owners of America rally and gun show. Supporters held signs and wore buttons and hats in support of Southerland. They gathered outside the Bay County Fair Grounds to hear Southerland speak on the importance of gun rights and why he believes he's a better candidate for Congress.

The event, held by the Gun Owners of America was the organization's time to give their formal endorsement to Southerland's campaign. Southerland also spoke about what he believes is crucial to all matters the government faces.

"I believe in balance and that's probably - that single thing right there really applies to all the issues. The federal government growing larger while the states continue to suffer because of that encroachment."

Southerland is running against former legislator Al Lawson.

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