Southern Airways Express Continues Flights Along Emerald Coast

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For the past year, Southern Airways Express has been servicing locals and visitors from all over the Southeast.

The company, based out of Memphis, has daily flights to Birmingham, New Orleans, Atlanta--Panama City and Destin.

The airline has three planes, which seat nine people each and each flies out daily to all locations.

"We added a few cities for the summer of last year, and have added several more for this summer, and expanded our schedule with what we initially had last year,” said CEO, Stan Little.

And while this airline has only been in service for a year, the economic impact they have on the community is definitely showing.

"It is very important for our commerce and our economics in our county---of course it helps pay a lot of taxes. In general it is what we are about, it gets our people here,” stated Kelly Windes, Okaloosa County Commissioner.

With all those people coming here, Okaloosa County Commissioners are evening talking about building a tower at the Destin Airport to help with that growth.

Meanwhile, Southern Airways hopes with their success on the Emerald Coast they can eventually expand.

"We are working on adding some more aircraft for the fall season. Once we get that started we are looking to expand south of here. Again for the locals mostly going to places like Orlando, the keys and Boca Raton,” stated Little.

Little says, another thing his airline does, is reduces the number of cars in Okaloosa County.

With more people flying in then driving there is less congestion on the busy roads.