Southport Elementary Third Grade Teacher Wins Golden Apple Award

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SOUTHPORT- This week's Golden Apple Award winner teaches 3rd grade at Southport Elementary School. Jeannie Dutton was nominated by a parent who writes: "She brings new meaning to the word "teacher." She adjusts to their learning style in order to help them succeed. She is enthusiastic and creative in her teaching. Her love for the children is evident in all that she does."

In Jeannie Dutton's 3rd grade classroom, reading is a superpower. Colleagues say her passion for teaching fuels her students success. "Jeannie Dutton is an amazing teacher and her enthusiasm for her students and her enthusiasm for learning is known all over campus," said LeAnn Kibler, the assistant principal of Southport Elementary.

Ms. Dutton uses Kagan strategies, centers, and even "happy dances" to motivate and engage her students. "She likes to teach but she doesn't just teach in ordinary ways. She likes to play games," said 3rd grader EmmaBeth Reynolds. Clearly, it's working. Jakob Lightsey gave Meredith a lesson when she asked what they're learning. "We are learning about our vocab words. We are reading a story and learning context clues. Context clues are where it's in the text and it gives clues to figure out about word."

This year Ms. Dutton is implementing and embracing the Common Core standards. "I'm really enjoying the Common Core standards. It makes the children work a lot harder and they think a lot harder. They start having ideas of their own, and I enjoy that," said Ms. Dutton.

Congratulations to Jeannie Dutton, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "It's just nice to know that people do recognize that I'm trying hard for their children and I really do have a heart and that I love their kids and somebody values me for that," And just for fun: "Go War Eagle!" said Erik Jackson, who's mom nominated Ms. Dutton. He explains, "She is an Alabama fan and I am an Auburn fan, we do that all the time," said Erik.