Southport Residents Look to Commissioners for Roadway Help

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SOUTHPORT After receiving heavy rainfall in the past two weeks, some residents in Southport are looking to Bay County commissioners for help with their roadways.

Residents on Hickory Bluff Road have called out to commissioners to take over their privately owned dirt road, but current ordinance say the county cannot take over private roads unless they're paved and meet county standards.

Within the past week, the owner of the road has put in sand and dirt to fill holes, but on Sunday, after a bit of rainfall, the repairs began to falter with two holes opening back up.

Bay County commissioner Guy Tunnell has spoken to the road owner and says they plan to discuss the next course of action in the near future, but warns that getting the road county owned is a "complicated process and a little drawn out."

Residents say they plan to speak to county commissioner at the next scheduled meeting.

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