Southwest Cancels 2 Direct Flights from ECP

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Big changes on the horizon for Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport.

In the next few months, Southwest will stop direct flights to two major airports.

"You'll see flights come up and they will taper off in the winter months," said Chris Mainz a Southwest Spokesperson.

Right now, there are 7-non-stop Southwest flights out of ECP.

Mainz said, "We have two daily flights to Nashville, two daily flights to Baltimore, Washington two daily flights to Huston and one daily flight to St. Louis."

Southwest says it will cut direct flights to Baltimore in half by April, and will cut them entirely by August.

Direct flights to St. Louis will also be cut.

"You'll be left with four daily flights. Two to Nashville and two to Houston," said Mainz.

The changes are based on decreasing demand.

Last year, Southwest dropped ECP's direct flights to and from Orlando.

Mainz said, "When we started service there at the airport Orlando was on the original list and we tried to make it work. It's really a story of demand and we didn't see the full flights that we would have liked. That market went away but the other four have stayed."

Officials with Southwest Airlines says the flights could be offered again later this year.