South Walton Residents Clean Up Beaches after 4th of July

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SOUTH WALTON Fireworks, bottles, and cans.

Those are just some of the items South Walton Community Council members and volunteers picked up Saturday morning on the beaches for their annual clean up day.

"There is 62 beach accesses in Walton County, we cover 10, we try to cover the main accesses," said Blaine Dargavell, of the South Walton Community Council.

It's an effort to keep several miles of South Walton's beaches clean and safe for the public after the July 4th holiday.

And volunteers say a number of locals and beach-goers help make that happen.

"With that I think has brought a lot of respect for the beach. A lot of people care about the beach, even if they are here for a week once a year. A lot of people that visit have that care, and try to clean up after themselves," said Dargavell.

More than 20 people helped out this year.

And volunteers hope more people will participate in the future.

"I think it is getting better, and people are becoming more educated," said one volunteer.

Residents say the Walton County Tourist Development Council's beach crew does a great job keeping the areas clean and that effort should continue, especially during the summer season.

Volunteers say they noticed many people had thrown away a majority of their garbage from Friday night.