Spring Break Arrest Numbers

Local agencies are going over the enforcement numbers for spring break. For the most part they're pleased but officials say they do have concerns about the future.

For each of the last 2 years, law enforcement has seen an increase of more than 10% in the number of calls for service during spring break. This year, over 16,00 calls for service were made.

Even with that higher demand, local authorities say they were able to handle it through teamwork and cooperation.

"My staff couldn't do it alone. I want to thank the sheriff and his staff for helping us out. I also want to thank Chief Irving of the Panama City Police," said Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman.

"They came across the line and we came across the line. So we did away with a line, and that made a lot of difference," said Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

Officers issued more than 7,500 citations and made 4,190 arrests during spring break, half of those were for underage drinking, but there were more serious offenses.

"There was a criminal element that was attracted to spring break and that is concerning. We had several robberies and sexual offenses and that is cause for concern. As well as some crowd control issues," said Major Tommy Ford.

Another bright note. Authorities say there was not any fatal traffic crashes during spring break.

Officials also attributed their successes to a mobile booking unit, which they used to process nearly 700 people, saving more then 1,000 police man hours.

Spring Break The Numbers:

Total Arrests: 4,190

Mobile Booking Arrests: 695

Total Citations: 7,628

911 Emergency Calls in March: 10,241

Non Emergency Calls in March: 11,016