Spring Break Assault on Policeman Lands in Bay County Court

A Bay County jury found Enrique Arthur Davis guilty as charged of battery on a law enforcement officer during Spring Break last year.

Assistant State Attorney Jennifer Hawkins told jurors in her closing argument that Panama City Police Officer Eric Abraham, who was providing mutual aid during Spring Break, saw Davis urinate on a car parked at nightclub on March 12. When Abraham approached Davis
and asked for his identification, Davis walked away. Abraham tried to stop him, but Davis spun away and slammed his elbow into Abraham’s face.

Davis, a former running back for the University of Mississippi, then ran and was arrested by other officers responding to the area.

Officer Abraham suffered a concussion and torn rotator cuff in his shoulder that required surgery.

Davis, 24, of 1408 Kentucky Ave., was convicted of battery on a law enforcement officer and faces up to five years in prison when Circuit Judge Elijah Smiley sentences him Feb.18