Spring Break Business is Booming

60 degree days haven't hurt the holiday inn's bookings. The resort is still packed with the last of the college spring breakers. Management says the Holiday Inn is on pace to match last year's record breaking attendance.

According to tourism officials, attendance is up as a whole.

"As the new condos were built, we started to get a lot more folks coming in on an annual basis. We have increased visitation. When i arrived we had about 6 million visitors per year, we just did a recent study that shows we are doing over 10 million visitors per year," said Dan Rowe of the TDC.
"This is typical for spring break. There are a lot of kids here. We bring in extra law enforcement from two state agencies, bay county and panama city. They assist us. One thing I've noticed is more kids using taxi's or shuttle buses. They are not cruising the strip any more, a lot of them are walking," says PCB Police Chief Whitman.

While spring break is important, the TDC stresses it's only part of the equation.

"Primarily we are a summer beach destination. June and July are the biggest, but we are seeing growth across the board. We are seeing more winter residence, we are seeing more families in the spring and the fall and the college kids are still coming in the month of March," added Rowe.