Spring Break Court Begins With Few Offenders

PANAMA CITY BEACH - Local judicial officials launched the first session of Spring Break Court 2014.

Typically Spring Break Court is filled with dozen of spring breakers, but authorities cited only 15 people to appear in court Thursday. 4 spring breakers showed up.

Two 18 year olds, one 19 year old, and one 20 year old from Tennessee and North Carolina were charged with possession of alcohol.

Instead of going to real court at a later date, the students signed up for the Misdemeanor Diversion Program.

The program costs $200 and requires people to pass an online test and perform eight hours of community service. Once they complete the program they have a clean record.

Officials outnumbered offenders Thursday, but that will change next week.

"Pretty soon we'll be overwhelmed by those and we'll need everybody that they brought out here to handle all of those cases,"said Bay County Judge Joe Grammer.

Those who can't afford the $200 fee can choose to perform an additional 20 hours of community service.