Spring Break Court Convenes

Local authorities held the first session of spring break court Thursday at the Majestic Condominiums Conference Center.

Spring break court allows visitors to handle their charges while they're here and go home with a clean record.

Dozens of defendants appeared during Thursday afternoon's 2-hour session, either choosing to take advantage of the diversion program or taking their chances or taking their chances by returning to court at a later date.

Most went with the diversion program, agreeing to complete an online test, perform 8 hours of community service for a non-profit organization back home and paying a $200 fine - however, if they break the law again, it's considered a breach of the contract.

Most say they're grateful for the chance to save time, money, and their record.

One spring breaker from Missouri says he's happy to take part in this program when considering the alternative. "I don't want to to come back next week and have to drive all the way back down again from St. Louis, and then have to appear in court down here in Florida again, it'd be too much extra money...just get it done and over with now."

Those who can't afford the $200 fee can choose an additional 20 hours of community service. Once they've completed the program the court dismisses their charges.

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