Spring Break Jail Opens

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With spring break starting to crank up into full gear, it's typical for there to be a need for more police presence. To save time and money, the Bay County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with other local law enforcement agencies to ensure they're able to keep their costs down and their efficiency up - for the fourth year in a row, the Bay County Jail is being brought to the beach.

"The mission of beach booking and the beach booking unit is to quickly assume custody of individuals who are arrested on the beach and be able to return those law officers and patrol officers back to the road as quickly as possible," said Warden Rick Anglin.

In the past week, the mobile jail has seen almost 100 occupants, most of them being brought in for their own protection.

"The detox protective custody enables us to take them into custody while they're under the influence of alcohol and place them in a safe area, the bay county jail where they will burn the alcohol off," said Sergeant John Bailey.

However, the biggest advantage of the system is the convenience, allowing the officers to save valuable time booking the arrested individual and gathering their belongings all in one area before they're transported to the jail - close to 40 miles round trip.

"The time it takes to book someone in at Bay County jail that officer is gonna be off the road approximately 2 hours," said Anglin. "In beach booking that deputy or that police officer can bring them in here and probably be back on the road in a few minutes."

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