Spring Break Sexual Battery Cases

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- Around 11:30 Thursday night, sheriff's deputies received a call from a female saying she'd been sexually battered in a porta potty near Hammerhead Fred's Restaurant and Bar.

"We are currently looking for a black male about 6 feet tall, short hair wearing light color shirt and shorts,” said Tommy Ford, Bay County Sheriff Office Major.

About an hour later, another female called saying she was riding in an orange car with 3 males, when they pulled into the Zoo World parking lot and sexually battered her.

Deputies stopped a vehicle matching the description.

"We have seized the vehicle and processing that along with the evidence,” said Ford.

The third call came in around 4:00 Friday morning.

The victim said she was sexually abused in a room at the Coconut Grove Motel on Front Beach Road.

Investigators say these type crimes are common during spring break.

"Sometimes in these cases during spring break the victim may be intoxicated and its difficult for us to get good suspect description and their recollection may be clouded due to intoxication issues which makes it a little more difficult, but definitely not something we take less seriously,” said Ford.

And because the suspects could also be spring breakers, they're also mobile and may have left town.

"Sometimes the transient nature of spring break, with somebody that's just in, in for the week makes it more difficult for us to identify the suspect, so it's important we get information on the suspect on any possible vehicle as quickly as possible to try and identify the suspects,” said Ford.

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