Spring Break Sirens

Sirens are a sound you have probably grown used to hearing during Spring Break. More than 120 emergency calls come in each day during the season for these first responders.
"We're seeing a mix of alcohol poisoning, injuries, folks walking around barefoot,” said Corky Young, the director of Emergency Medical Services for Bay Medical. “We still see synthetic marijuana and ruffies, it's still there, it's happens occasionally.”
Officials said it is the same every year, and nothing they can't handle.
They know the hot spots and where to be waiting, like on Thomas Drive near Club La Vela and Spinnaker.
"And, who's in concert or what schools are out, our prime time usually runs noon to midnight," said Young.
They add that the most important thing for partying breakers is to remember to use the buddy system.
"If you have a friend that's so intoxicated, they can't hold their head up,” Young said. “Don't leave them, turn them on their side and call us.