Spring Break Traffic Control

We are at the absolute peak of the Spring Break season in Panama City Beach.
If you do not believe it, just try to drive around on the beach.
Bay County Traffic Engineers have been working nearly 24 hours a day to keep vehicles running more smoothly than in years past.
“We try to move the traffic east and get them away from the area so it's much safer for the pedestrians," Keith Bryant, the traffic engineering manager.
After complaints the last several years, Bay County commissioner Mike Thomas got involved.
Last year he asked traffic engineers and local police to come up with a system to help ease traffic congestion.
"The sheriff's department and police felt like if all the lights were working together and changing as traffic increased it would help them move the people out a lot quicker when you had a big event or weekend," said Thomas.
So the county installed control devises on 101 beach traffic lights.
Traffic control center workers can now monitor traffic patterns, and change the lights as needed to alleviate congestion.
"In the past we didn't have controls out there on the beach. This past year we installed controls at various intersections,” said Bryant. “We're working with law enforcement to team up and more traffic more efficiently around."
They admit it is not perfect, but it is better.
"I think so far it's worked pretty good,” said Thomas. “We've still got a problem, but if you don't have the traffic, trash or noise problem, you're just not doing business."
Traffic engineers and law enforcement will meet after Spring Break to see what worked and what more they can do to improve the situation next year.